SeaVibe Foundation

creating unity in the community


SeaVibe Foundation is dedicated to keeping our water clean and healthy by making smart choices on land.  High school and college Internships, hands-on water education programs, and mural art projects engage and cultivate conservation leaders of all ages. Through project-based research and stewardship activities, participants gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Earth’s resources. They discover solutions to manage environmental and social needs in a mutually beneficial, peaceful, sustainable way.

Many interns travel internationally to participate in cultural exchange projects. They explore across borders to better understand who we are, who our neighbors are, and how we can work together as "water keepers" to benefit the global community.

SeaVibe programs have positive economic and ecological benefits, aim to reduce crime and poverty, unite communities, and improve the health of our natural environment, our neighborhoods, and each other. The rewards of improved physical and emotional well-being have lifetime significance.


Your donation is valuable!

Your donations go directly toward programs and helps us provide scholarships, internships, water testing and program supplies and equipment for community projects. Thanks for supporting students in your community!

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