SeaVibe Foundation

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Projects and Youth Programs

SeaVibe Foundation offers a diverse approach to education by combining science with the arts. Through experiential, hands-on field research, community action projects and artistic exhibits, people learn to bridge the gap between environmental and social needs in a beneficial, peaceful, sustainable way. 

Our partners and friends include Catawba Riverkeepers, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Academic Vocational Charter Institute, Audubon/Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship, Three Americas, EarthLinks, Santa Cruz County Counseling Center, University of California Santa Cruz, and many others. 
SeaVibe recently completed an ocean art and mural project with students at Santa Cruz Group Homes.

We are currently working with students at Olympic High School and Independence High School to perform water quality testing in the Catawba River and internationally.


        Internships and Field Experiences

                o       Academic Field Research on watersheds, wetlands and Marine Protected Areas  

                o       Voluntourism & Travel Abroad

                o       Therapeutic nature-based healing programs

         Community & School Programs

                o       Home School Programs

                o       Mural Art  at Group Homes and Foster Homes 

                o       The SeaVibe Club at Olympic High School, a partnership with Catawba Riverkeepers

                o       Art & Poetry Collective   

                o       SeaVibe "Orcastra"  Music and Dance

                o       Outdoor Environmental Programs

                o       Scholarships & Internships

                o       Water Quality Training Workshops

                o       Earth Day events 

                o       Community Organic Gardens

                o       Tutoring Services and Mentoring 

                o       Hands-on Environmental Job Skills Training

                o       Youth Centers and Library Programs

                o       Eco-Friendly Business Planning 

For more information about our programs, please contact

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