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Olympic High School

Protecting Water Quality in the Community

A partnership between Olympic High School, Catawba Riverkeepers & SeaVibe Foundation

Win a paid summer internship to study international natural water systems

Club Purpose

The SeaVibe Club at Olympic High School in Charlotte, North Carolina is studying the need for protections and enhancements of the water quality of the Catawba River, its lakes in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area, tributaries, and watershed so that the river may sustain human and wildlife populations that depend on it for life.  The club educates high school students and engages them in environmental activities and projects which support our mission of keeping the ocean healthy by making smart choices on land.

SeaVibe General Activities

Club members will participate in a variety of activities, including regularly collecting water quality samples, analyzing water tests, and presenting the results to local legislators, Duke Energy, the Charlotte communities, international community partners and the growing network of youth conservation leaders, teachers, and schools that participate in this project. 

Student Opportunities

Based on performance, a junior or senior (must be 16 before June 1) may earn a paid summer internship at the Catawba Riverkeepers (a nonprofit organization protecting the Catawba River) as well as a field research scholarship to study water issues globally. The Internship and the field research represent phenomenal work experiences which will elevate students when competing for future placement in a college or employment with a company.

School Opportunity

The Olympic Community of Schools has become a model school within Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in terms of supporting community service and inspiring people in the Charlotte community to make a difference. The program has expanded to Independence High School, Academic Vocational Charter Institute in Watsonville, California, and University of California, Santa Cruz. The future vision is to bring together students working across the Americas and the world to share their knowledge and experiences as they become our next generation's responsible water managers.


Project Tasks for Students

SeaVibe students competing for the internship and field research opportunity will be separated into work teams.  Tasks will include making a media presentation and conducting a job interview:

  • Your team will develop a media presentation that informs people about the general topic of protecting water quality and the key issues in our community impacting water quality

  • Based on your presentation, you may be asked to interview with judges from the community who will determine both the SeaVibe Internship & field research winners.


Email to start a SeaVibe Club at your school.

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Thank You for supporting students in your community.

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