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Jacqueline Suzanne Rose
Founder, Education Programs Director

Jacqueline started SeaVibe Foundation as a grassroots organization to cultivate young conservation leaders locally and globally and work with people of all ages and backgrounds to find solutions for environmental and social issues. She graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Latin American & Latino Studies with a focus on water resource management, non-profit administration, and project-based environmental education that teaches science through the arts. She conducted research on the relationship between marine protection and tourism at Lincoln University in New Zealand, conducted water quality research in dairying regions of New Zealand, and developed and implemented educational programs in Tanzania, the Caribbean, North Carolina and California. Jacqueline serves on the Board of Directors for Three Americas, Inc and Florida Society of Ethical Ecotourism. She previously worked at Smithsonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce, Florida. She was the Senior Administrator for the California Marine Protected Area Education and Outreach Initiative at Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation where she coordinated a marine-inspired art exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Jacqueline also enjoyed positions at California State University Stanislaus Endangered Species Recovery Program, Long Marine Lab Seymour Discovery Center, and Sea Studios Foundation. Prior to that, she served as Assistant Vice President and Information Technology Project Manager for IndyMac Bank and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for 12 years and won national Service Excellence and Customer Centric Awards. She recently led marine and watershed projects for Pajaro Valley Unified School District in Watsonville, CA with funding from the Audubon/Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship.


Michelle Crawford
President, Board of Directors

Michelle is an entrepreneur and owner of an eco-friendly yoga studio and restaurant. She was the Community Support Manager for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for over a decade, where she served as the leader for the Heart Walk Program, Junior Achievement, the Urban Ministry Soup Kitchen, Volunteer Fairs, York County Chamber Events, three Habitat for Humanity Builds, and the Servicing Cornerstone Committee. She has organized major volunteer and fundraising events for many national not for profit agencies. Michelle developed and managed a high school and college internship program for seven years. She is Chairman of the Board for National Academy of Finance for Olympic High School. She is on the executive board of the Fort Mill Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Gaston County Art Guild, and founder of the Carolina Campus Green Team, an environmental activist group for the Carolinas. She is a painter, an artist, and teacher of yoga and healing arts.

Kim Kreitinger
ry, Board of Directors

Kim has fourteen years experience in ecological monitoring and wildlife conservation both overseas and in the U.S. She has coordinated and implemented field studies for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, PRBO Conservation Science, Endangered Species Recovery Program, Tall Timbers Research Station, and the Department of Research and Development of Parc National du W in Niger, West Africa. Kim also has worked on a contract basis as a conservation planner for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She was the state coordinator for California Partners in Flight for three years and has served on the Intermountain West Joint Venture state steering committee, San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Creeks sub-committee, Tricolored Blackbird Working Group, Central Valley Bird Club Board of Directors, and Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative Issues Committee. Kim enjoys hiking, gardening, cooking, traveling, and of course, bird watching. 

Matt Buonaguidi
Board Member

Matt has held roles of California State Parks Docent Coordinator and Park Ranger. He has 25 years experience and formal training in environmental education, zero impact wilderness travel, working with at-risk youth, and leading trips with Island Packers, Blue Moon Adventures, Children's Nature Institute, Richardson Bay Audubon Society and the Leopold Education Project.  He has certifications from the National Association of Environmental Interpretation, Forestry Institute for Teachers, Project Learning Tree, and is a founding member of Monterey Area Volunteer Administrators Consortium (MAVRAC).    


Chloe Lloyd

Board Member

Chloe is a Research Associate at the Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA) in Fort Pierce, Florida. It is her duty to oversee sample collections and laboratory analysis for the Fast Assessment of Sediment Toxicity (FAST) program, and to maintain the productivity and safety of ORCA’s research lab. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. During her time at UNCW she held positions as Chair of Campus Sustainability, Secretary, and Advertising Chair for the Environmental Concerns Organization. Chloe has experience with field and laboratory research, grant and report writing, and environmental education. In her free time you can find Chloe on the Indian River Lagoon or honing her animal husbandry skills as a volunteer at Smithsonian Marine Station and Ecosystems Exhibit in Fort Pierce, Florida.   

Ian Udani
Board Member, Art Programs Director

Ian earned a Bachelor of Science at the College of Fine Arts & Design, University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. Ian assists SeaVibe in many capacities, including strategic planning and assisting with student art workshops, art exhibits at events and community meetings, mural painting, and developing the SeaVibe Foundation Monterey Bay Chapter.


Devan Grier
Art Programs Assistant

Devan is the Art Programs Assistant for SeaVibe Foundation. He is responsible for expanding SeaVibe’s education programs by establishing relationships and partnerships with community groups, businesses, and schools to create multi media art programs and volunteer opportunities that share scientific knowledge through the arts. Devan assists with event planning and the SeaVibe Education and Outreach booths proposed for Pensacola and Perdido Key Farmers Markets and other locations throughout the world.You can find his art for sale on SeaVibe's Artist Circle.

Helen Sylvia
SeaVibe Intern, 2013
University of California, Santa Cruz
Environmental Studies & Art Departments
Santa Cruz Women’s Center Environmental Art Project

"Through my internship, I created activities and art projects with the Kid’s Club at the Santa Cruz Women’s Center that were exhibited in a gallery exhibition at the Pajaro Valley Art Gallery in Watsonville. I sang with the children and their parents. I began to sing by myself, and right away, the parents and the fellow interns began to sing along. By the end of the night there were three girls who had learned the majority of the words and were very hesitant to leave. This moment felt like what I was doing really mattered. I have learned that it is a really gratifying experience to work with children and to be the person that is directly affecting their lives. When you teach them something they are interested in, their faces light up. Moments like these really are priceless. Hopefully in the future SeaVibe will continue to have more interns from UCSC that further projects like this."

Odalys Cordoba
Queens College, Charlotte, NC
Founding Member of SeaVibe Youth Advisory Council
and Olympic High School SeaVibe Club

"I never saw so many people working together for a cause and successfully completing their task. I learned that teamwork within a community is vital for its existence. I think people have forgotten how lovely it is to work together and make a difference. I have been involved in a lot of community service activities within school and outside of school. I have seen people work together, but to a certain extent. The members of the Womens Center thrive to keep their community in a better position. They work for the community’s health, youth, elders, and many other things. They don’t give up and continue to ALWAYS work together to make a difference, no matter
                                              how many members they have. People were interested in the health of the community
                                              as well as the water quality. They were all friendly and eager to hear what we had to
                                              say. I also loved learning how dedicated the people in Jamaica are when it comes to
                                              keeping turtles safe from poachers. I believe that animals need a voice to sustain
                                              them and these sea turtles are lucky to have people who monitor and care for them.

Stephanie Medina
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
Founding Member of SeaVibe Youth Advisory Council
and Olympic High School SeaVibe Club

“I have learned so much from this trip, but most importantly that every little thing makes a difference. This community is so involved in their environment they truly live off the land. The youth are very involved and know hardships that I have never experienced. The rivers and forest are the children’s playground, they cherish what they have. This culture and knowledge exchange has opened my eyes to what really matters.”

Shruti Patel
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Founding Member of SeaVibe Youth Advisory Council
and Olympic High School SeaVibe Club

Interacting with the local youth has been a life changing experience. Our viewpoints on a lot of things were very different, yet there were still things that we felt exactly the same about. Talking with them was never boring. They know the land so well, but I am so ignorant of the land I live on. I was very glad to see a women’s center in a place where women are rarely seen outside. They do not have the liberties that we are born with but they do have something to empower them. I have always wanted to go back to the rural parts of India and find some way to give back to the community, so the evidence of these women’s willpower and strength meant a lot to me personally.”  

Hannah Day
President, Olympic High School SeaVibe Club
Founding Member of SeaVibe Youth Advisory Council

“The local youth are so down to earth, and never miss the opportunity to get to know you. The Treasure Beach Womens Center invited us to their meetings and opened the gathering by singing my favorite childhood song “this little light of mine.” You can immediately see how passionate they are about this program. It inspires you. We presented our water testing results to Treasure Beach Bred’s Foundation, a local community organization. Going into Breds, I didn’t really expect them to be very interested in our mission. But as soon as we started to speak, they were completely intrigued. They asked us so many questions about our project, and I was shocked to learn their view on American water quality - that it was close to perfect - which is not the case at all. The Catawba River water quality is much worse
                                                compared to Jamaica’s water quality where we tested. Coming to Jamaica, I thought
                                                the water was most likely just as bad as in America, if not worse. But it was very
                                                surprising to learn that when it comes to water conservation they are much more
                                                advanced than us! America could learn a thing or two from the people of Jamaica.”


Jaedon Sneed
Athens High School, Athens, AL
Founding Member & President, SeaVibe Youth Advisory Council

I never would have known that water can be so scarce in some parts of the world and you should not take it for granted.

I first thought that the women’s center meeting was going to be boring and dull. It turns out that it was fun and enjoyable. Everyone laughed and smiled and it was just a good place to be. I like how we always work hard but still have a good time. ”

Kristina Nagel
Treasurer, Board of Directors

Kristina is a retired Operational Risk Management Vice President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. She has started and managed three small businesses of her own and serves currently as a contracted risk management consultant.

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