SeaVibe Foundation

creating unity in the community



SeaVibe Foundation is dedicated to keeping our water resources healthy by making smart choices on land.  Through our high school and college Internships, we cultivate conservation leaders of all ages who participate in project-based research projects. Interns learn to conserve Earth’s natural resources and bridge gaps between environmental and social needs in a mutually beneficial, peaceful, sustainable way.

Interns travel internationally to participate in 'voluntour' projects that explore across borders and better understand who we are, who our neighbors are, and how we can work together to benefit the global community. We learn from each other by sharing our local environmental projects with students in other parts of the world.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational public benefit organization that works closely with individuals, students, families, communities, and partner organizations to develop educational and employment opportunities that foster a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, our relationship with nature and our interactions with watersheds and the ocean.   

Our programs lead to positive economic impacts, reduce crime and poverty, unite communities, and improve the health of our environment, our neighborhoods, and each other.  The programs aim to improve participant's emotional and physical health. These rewards have lifetime significance.

SeaVibe engages cultural resources, artists, and storytellers in the community to share local knowledge, wisdom, and historical teachings passed down through generations. Our collaboration of experienced mentors and teachers have a passion for the environment and sharing wise old ways with modern day innovators to revive a peaceful, sustainable existence for the future. 


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