"We must create mentoring relationships, mentoring communities, and mentoring techniques knowing that we are often having to do the work that no one else wants to do and that no one else understands." 

~ S.T. Moreman

SeaVibe Foundation

creating unity in the community


SeaVibe's Mission is to increase educational and employment opportunities that strengthen the connection between people and nature:  beyond our backyards... into communities... across the globe.

We are a 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization that communicates science through the arts to empower conservation action and community leaders of all ages. Through project-based internships, outdoor education, murals, and art exhibits, people discover how our collective actions on land can improve the quality of water in rivers, lakes, wetlands, and the ocean.

SeaVibe works with students, families, home schools, K-12 and universities, and businesses to promote respect and responsibility for our communities and all of nature's gifts that make
life on Earth possible.
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Learn more about the SeaVibe Science & Art Enrichment Program

Thanks to generous funding by Audubon & Toyota's TogetherGreen Fellowship and Three Americas, Inc.,
SeaVibe Foundation worked with Academic Vocational Charter Institute, Monterey Bay Area high schools, University of California at Santa Cruz, and City of Watsonville to implement the SeaVibe Community, Water & Art Internship. Students won 2nd Place at Earth Day Santa Cruz for their water quality research at Pinto Lake in Watsonville, California. Enjoy the photos from this event below!

Your donation is valuable!

You may earmark your donation for a specific project. SeaVibe Foundation operates with in-kind administration so your donations go directly toward programs and helps us provide scholarships, internships, water testing and program supplies and equipment for community projects. Thanks for supporting students in your community!

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